Network Solutions

Ezy As Electrical is licensed to help you with all of your smart TV, business and network solutions.

Smart TV Installation

We can install your smart TV and sound system, including any required wall bracket or data networking.

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Business Electrical

We specialise in business electrical. We can cover everything from power, lighting, data and security. No matter how big, or how small, we make business electrical work a breeze!

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Network Solutions

Run high-speed networking cable through your business or home for faster more consistent internet.

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Your Trusted Local Licensed Electricians

Our senior electricians are second to none, we stand behind our workmanship. Our highly experienced, and licensed, electricians will get your job done. Our team will finish, every time, to a high standard and quality. Workmanship guaranteed, your home and space is treated with respect and cleaned up on completion.

Workmanship Guaranteed

As a family-owned business, we take great pride in our work and stand behind our workmanship. 

Why We Are Trusted By Our Loyal Clients

We are known for integrity and striving to stay within budget and estimates. We hold ourselves to high standards, aim to be clear in our communication and competitive in pricing. 12-years on, we still have a loyal client base. Our clients know and trust that Ezy As Electrical provides great value and an honest service. 

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